Ancient Ukrainian "vyshyvanka"

Handmade hemp dress, 1920s.

Vintage embroidered blouse

Linen blouse from Western Ukraine, 1930s.

Ukrainian vintage dress

Hemp "sorochka" dress, 1930s.

Antique Ukrainian "vyshyvanka" shirt

Homespun shirt from 1910s.

Ancient Ukrainian handmade dress

Handwoven dress decorated with unique embroidering, 1910s.

Ancient Ukrainian handmade dress, 1910s.

One can feel the depth of time when touching this rare item: every inch of hand woven fabric is unique, every cross stitch of gorgeous embroidering is the only. In Ukraine shirt dress “vyshyvanka” is used as a talisman to protect the person wearing it and to tell a story.

Ancient Ukrainian handmade hemp dress, 1920s.

Vintage dress “vyshyvanka” is hand woven of homemade hemp threads and fabulously decorated with woven ornament, hand tailored.

Antique embroidered hemp "sorochka" dress, 1920s.

Ukrainian handmade dress made of homemade hemp fabric.

Antique hemp "vyshyvanka", Ukrainian "white-on-white" shirt, the end of 19th century.

Unique handmade embroidered “white-on-white” shirt impresses with breath-taking craftsmanship: front and rear sides are the same.

Antique Ukrainian velvet vest of Cossack era, 1913.

Rich velvet vest “kyrsetka” is handmade and decorated with adorning needlework. The garment has original design and fantastic embroidery.

Vintage Russian wool shawl "Babushka".

Antique Ukrainian homespun dress, 1920s.